Go-To Skincare Products: What To SPLURGE Or SAVE On?

And STILL get flawless skin.

You don’t have to break the wallet when spending on your go-to skincare products.

Being able to save money is about thinking smart. If you’re looking to save money while keeping your skin in tip-top shape, there are certain types of go-to skincare products you can definitely afford to go budget on, and others that are well worth the splurge as they do the most for your skin.

Here are 5 go-to skincare products you should consider to splurge and save on:

SAVE: Cleansers

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Although cleansers are part of the daily go to skincare products, all you really need is a cleanser that suits your skin’s needs. Anything that doesn’t strip your skin of moisture but leaves your skin feeling clean is more than enough.

If you have problematic and sensitive skin conditions like eczema or rosacea, you might want to go up to mid-range products which are dermatologically tested and therefore less likely to cause a flare-up.

SAVE: Toners

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Toners are great for oily skin because they balance the pH levels of your skin and close up your pores after you’ve cleansed your face. You don’t need to splurge on toner, and some people might even choose to skip it entirely.

SAVE: Day moisturiser + SPF

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With a hot and humid climate, as long as you can find a go to skincare moisturiser that’s light enough, oil-free (if you’ve got oily skin) and has sun protection, it’s a winner in our books.

You might even prefer to use a more expensive moisturiser and save on a lightweight sunscreen, but these days there are plenty of budget moisturisers with SPF that are worth the spend.

SAVE: Lip balm

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Keeping your lips moisturised can be as simple as a drugstore balm with vitamin E.

Good lip balms under $10 are incredibly easy to find, and some budget ones even boast SPF! If you’ve got very chapped lips, a more heavy-duty lip repair treatment at night will do wonders.

SAVE: Eye cream


This is a tricky one. If you’re in your 20s and early 30s, you don’t quite need heavy duty or targeted anti-ageing eye creams. In fact, using an eye cream that’s too rich for you can cause milia seeds to develop.

A lightweight gel-type product that does a good job at keeping the area hydrated to prevent fine lines from forming is good enough in most cases.



Meant to penetrate deeper into the skin than moisturisers, serums are more important when it comes to go to skincare products worth spending your money on. They tend to be packed with highly concentrated ingredients that get to fixing your concerns at their source deep in the skin.

SPLURGE: Night creams or serums


The most important time of the day for your skin is night time, as your skin does the most work to repair itself while you sleep. You get a lot more effectiveness out of night serums or creams as they tend to make the biggest difference.

This is especially true when it comes to anti-ageing products, as more powerful cosmeceutical-grade ingredients like retinol don’t come cheap.

SPLURGE: Face masks


You want to get as much out of a mask as possible in the 10 to 20 minutes you’re keeping it on your face. Splurging on something with more powerful ingredients is worth it in this case, especially since you aren’t likely to use it as often as a moisturiser.

Originally by Alyssa Dhaliwal, HerWorldPlus, 6 April 2016 / Last updated by Isabel Wibowo

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